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Paper in Journal of Advanced Robotics

Vladimír Petrik, Vladimír Smutny, Pavel Krsek, and Vaclav Hlavac. Single arm robotic garment folding path generation. Journal of Advanced Robotics, 2017. Published on-line on Sept. 5, 2017.

RadioRoSo kick-off meeting in Prague

The RadioRoSo team met for a full one-day meeting in person in Prague on October 31, 2016. All partners representatives were present. The morning session was held at CIIRC premises in a seminar-like manner. The afternoon session was conducted in SURO building. Only one partner, the end user from the industrial company Ansaldo Nuclear Engineering …

RadioRoSo started on Sept 1, 2016

The RadioRoSo project (experiment in Echord++ terminology) started on September 1, 2016. However, some paperwork was not finished by the start date. It was finished in about a month. The intensive discussions in the consortium were going on to specify the project aims in more detail and transform them into a specific work plan.