RadioRoSo kick-off meeting in Prague

The RadioRoSo team met for a full one-day meeting in person in Prague on October 31, 2016. All partners representatives were present. The morning session was held at CIIRC premises in a seminar-like manner. The afternoon session was conducted in SURO building. Only one partner, the end user from the industrial company Ansaldo Nuclear Engineering Services Ltd. represented at the meeting by its Chief Technology Officer Dr. Andrea Basso, did not see the dual-arm robot testbed before the meeting. It was demonstrated to him by the Czech Technical University in Prague team in the morning before the meeting.

The main aim of the meeting was to discuss and understand the practical scenarios used by Ansaldo NES used why decommissioning the nuclear waste. We agreed that the starting scenario deal with Magnox reactor type fuel rods. The development of the RadioRoSo robotic gripper by the University of Genova team was discussed too. The outcome was the more specific work plan of the project.


The team: from left to right: ??, Jan Čermák (student CVUT), Jiri Hůlka (SURO), Jan Charvát (student CVUT), Karol Feik, Josef Koc (SURO), Irena Malátová (SURO), Simone Denei (UniGe), Giorgion Cannata (UniGe), Michal Jilich (UniGe), Vladimír Smutný (CVUT), Pavel Krsek (CVUT), Andrea Basson (Ansaldo NES), Sotiris Malassiotis (ITI, RadioRoSo coordinator), Daniel Seifert (CVUT), Václav Hlaváč (CVUT), Vladimír Petrík (CVUT), Matteo Zoppi (UniGe).


Dr. Jiri Hulka explains how the radioactivity detector works.


Discussion about MediPix detector developed at CVUT at its Institute of Technical and Experimental Physics.


The meeting was concluded by an informal dinner in a nearby pub.